Purchase and sale of residential properties


Whether for our own project developments or for our customers - pension funds, savings banks, insurance companies, pension schemes and other institutional investors - we are constantly looking for properties with potential. We clearly focus on the asset class of residential properties.

In recent years, MCM Investor Management AG has built up an attractive real estate portfolio, which we are developing through targeted purchases and sales.

Our investment profile:

  • multi-family dwellings, residential complexes as well as residential and commercial buildings with maximum 40% commercial share
  • can also be unrenovated or partially renovated with development potential
  • viable building plots
  • preferred locations: conurbations in Central Germany such as Leipzig, Dresden, Magdeburg, Halle (Saale) and Chemnitz

Looking for suitable investment properties? We would like to make you an offer for the purchase of real estate from our portfolio. Please contact us and arrange your private consultation.


The latest asset management news

  • Leipzig, Weißestraße 3
    Portfolio property on Weissestrasse 3 in Leipzig

    The new acquisition of MCM Vermögenswerte AG & Co. KG, a magnificent building constructed in 1890, is located only a few minutes from the Monument to the Battle of Nations.

    Behind the listed walls of the stylish, renovated old building are 13 flats as well as a commercial unit on the ground floor covering 166 m².

    Halle (Saale), Am Steintor 1
    Residential and commercial building Am Steintor 1

    In Halle MCM Vermögenswerte AG & Co. KG acquires an imposing residential and commercial building displaying attractive Wilhelminian architecture.

    Consisting of 16 flats and 3 commercial units, the building is located close to the city, the university and Halle’s cultural highlights.

    Chemnitz, Elisen-/Beyerstr. 6
    View of the property on Elisenstrasse 6 in Chemnitz

    With Beyerstrasse 6 and Elisenstrasse 6, MCM Investor Concept AG & Co. KG has acquired two listed residential buildings in the heart of the modern city.

    A total of 23 flats, each with a balcony, on over 1,600 m² are hidden behind the historic walls of the two buildings in a popular inner city location.

  • MD, Braunschweiger Str. 13
    Renovation on Braunschweiger Strasse 13 in Magdeburg

    In the immediate vicinity of the Helmstedter Strasse complex in Magdeburg Sudenburg, MCM Sachwertkonzepte AG & Co. KG has acquired another Wilhelminian style residential building.

    From summer 2018, twelve flats with high-quality interiors invite you to enjoy extremely pleasurable living on a total of 820 m² in the corner building located close to the city.

    Magdeburg, Helmstedter Str.
    View of the street Helmstedter Strasse 2-6

    MCM Sachwertkonzepte AG & Co. KG is realising an extensive residential complex consisting of soon-to-be renovated Wilhelminian-style residential buildings and gap closing.

    In the redevelopment area “Sudenburg Nord” south of Magdeburg City, 20 flats are to be built on Helmstedter Strasse 2, 4 + 5 and 6 for about 4 million euros.

    Chemnitz, Barbarossastr. 37
    View of the property at Barbarossastrasse 37 in Chemnitz

    With Barbarossastrasse 37, MCM Vermögenswerte AG & Co. KG now also boasts a magnificent listed building in the Wilheminian and Art Nouveau-style Kaßberg district of Chemnitz.

    The extensively renovated building is surrounded by closed development and is a real eye-catcher with its symmetrical facade and discreet decor.

  • Magdeburg, Leibnizstraße 47
    View of the planned town house on Magdeburg’s Leibnizstrasse

    Just a few steps from the Cathedral, MCM Investor Concept AG & Co. KG is planning the new construction of an architecturally very charming town house.

    Four residential units offering the highest living comfort are being built, including floor-to-ceiling windows, underfloor heating, lift, parking space, balcony or terrace.

    Magdeburg, O.-v.-Guericke-Str.
    View of the listed building at Otto-von-Guericke-Strasse 59/59a

    In the heart of Magdeburg’s old town, at Hasselbachplatz, MCM Vermögenswerte AG & Co. KG is renovating an imposing Wilhelminian-style complex.

    22 flats with rooms up to four metres high and exquisite furnishing will be constructed in the magnificent building from the year 1881.

    Chemnitz, Ulmenstraße 23
    View of the property at Ulmenstrasse 23 in Chemnitz

    MCM Wohnwerte AG & Co. KG now boosts its portfolio with a listed residential building in Chemnitz with a first-class location in the Art Nouveau district of Kaßberg.

    The lovingly renovated building dating back to 1906 includes 16 residential units with balcony and guest WC. A lift and parking spaces add to the comfort.

  • Chemnitz, Weststraße 57
    Facade view of Weststrasse 57 in Chemnitz

    The Chemnitz portfolio of MCM Investor Management AG is growing: It has recently acquired another listed property in a prime location in the Kaßberg district.

    Behind the beautiful Art Nouveau facade are 8 flats and 2 offices in a very good condition. Tenants also appreciate the district’s short distances.

    Chemnitz, Fichtestraße 20
    View of property on Fichtestrasse 20

    MCM Investor Management AG has acquired another residential building close to the city centre in Chemnitz: a listed building constructed in the Wilhelminian era.

    14 residential units on 4 floors - almost all with balconies and with attractive floor plans and beautiful furnishings - invite you to make this your home.

    Chemnitz, Mühlgasse 3
    View of the property at Mühlgasse 3 in Chemnitz

    Another property in Chemnitz graces the portfolio of MCM Investor Management AG: a 3-storey residential building with 9 residential units on an area of approx. 488 sqm.

    The property has been part of the portfolio since 1 July 2015. Built in the 1940s, it was recently extensively renovated.

  • Leipzig, Dresdner Str. 21
    Residential and commercial building on Dresdner Strasse 21 in Leipzig

    MCM Vermögenswerte AG & Co. KG acquires the residential and commercial building in Leipzig’s “Zentrum Ost” district with a total rentable area of almost 2,000 sqm.

    The lift, beautiful balconies, underground parking and proximity to the city centre make it a great place to reside, live and work. The property is currently fully let.

    Chemnitz, Weststraße 55
    Listed building in Chemnitz-Kaßberg

    The new property in the portfolio of MCM Investor Concept AG & Co. KG is located in the heart of one of the largest contiguous Wilhelminian and Art Nouveau-style districts.

    The listed building with its 11 residential units has been completely renovated. The clinker façade graces dormers and decorative gables.

    Magdeburg, Wielandstr. 5
    Portfolio property at Wielandstraße 5 in Magdeburg

    The four-storey Wilheminian-style building with 8 flats in the popular residential district of Stadtfeld Ost now boosts the portfolio of Capital Management AG.

    Tenants appreciate the comfortable bay windows, balconies with a view to the south-west, completely renovated furnishing and the short distances to the city.

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